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Faculty members 

Currently PPGLit has 14 professors. Twelve of them are permanent and two contributors. All of the permanent researchers are going to contribute to the doctorate degree project. Although they are essential to the Master Degree the contributors initially are not going to integrate the Doctorate proposal. Thus, the following sections presents general information about the permanent researchers who are going to compose the APCN (document submission) for the Doctorate Program and who are already members of the Master Program at PPGLit. 

Conditions to Accreditation 

The professor doctor who desires to integrate the Masters course faculty must attend the following conditions: having (i) at least one finished advising supervision in Graduation degree; (ii) present research(es) project(s) that is/are related to the program research lines and (iii) possess scientific production that responds to the requirements defined by CAPES.

Their submission will be received and analyzed by the Program Council which will check whether the submission attends all the required.

Once accepted the faculty member is supposed to advise students on their thesis, teach courses and publish articles in accredited Journals and books and books chapters according to the requirements defined by CAPES. 

Permanent faculty members 

The permanent faculty members’ formation is solid and its intellectual maturity is attested by orientations, publications, participations in events in Brazil and abroad, and also by administration activities at UFSCar and other educational centers, where some of them were previously associated. 

Complementary faculty members’ activities

A lot of faculty members’ activities might be regard as complementary. In the present section it is highlighted the ones that are complementary to the public university education. In general, a professor linked to a graduate program assumes other functions at the university in addition to teaching, researching and extension projects, such as administration. All PPGLit permanent professors work as ad-hoc referee to FAPESP and other funding agencies. They are also members of literary associations such as ABRALIC, ANPOLL, ABRAPLIP, ABRAPUI, ALED, ANPOCS, GEL, LASA, BRASA, John Updike Society. In each one of these, the researchers compose groups of work that organize its specifics events. Furthermore, the permanent professors have functions in councils and commissions within UFSCar.