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Program Description

The Graduate Program in Literature Studies (PPGLit) at Master’s Degree level started its activities in 2011 endeavoring at that moment: i) to meet the university students’ demand for specialization in the area of literary studies; ii) to enhance and increase visibility for the Humanities at the Federal University of Sao Carlos; iii) to reflect on the role of literature in a national and international context affected by a reorganization of the areas of knowledge, marked on one hand by pragmatism and on the other by the remarkable circulation of information.

Since 2014, in order to continuing improving the Master’s Degree program as well as to apply for the Doctoral Program, the courses and research lines have been re-evaluated and tailored to reach a balance in numbers of offered courses as well as its objectives. This reorganization has been conducted through the close observation of the results and program impact on the graduates’ formation by the faculty members at the Program Council level.

PPGLit has promoted a constant evaluation of the program aims as well as the definition of targets which promotes the quality consolidation of its research outcomings and scientific production. PPGLit endeavors to provide its graduate students with a high level formation at the same time it promotes reflection on the literary object and its reception in Language and Literature Area, according to CAPES, both national and international funding agencies, and the Linguistics and Language and Literature Area.

Prof. Dr. Diana Junkes Bueno Martha - Coordenator (
Prof. Dr. Carla Alexandra Ferreira - Vice-Coordenator (

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