Social Insertion/Enhancement Programs

The Literature Study Program (PPGLit) is aware of the importance of its role in society. Thus, it attempts to improve its contribution through actions according to the area document of CAPES. USFCar has been investing heavily on Enhancement Programs and PPGLit, in 2015, had a 30% of the total of its projects related to Enhancement programs as well. Thus, it has contributed to a large social integration and knowledge exchange between academics and community, which is important for the formation of our alumni and profitable to our local society. All professors in the Program work on Enhancement Programs.

2015 Enhancement and Difusion Activities

1. Teacher Formation
Title: Oral and Cultural Practice to English teachers-to-be and in servisse
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Carla Ferreira 

2. Cultural and Social Development
Title: Debate Forum
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Rejane Rocha/ Prof. Dr. Wilson Bezerra
Title: Institutional Cultural Plan
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Wilson Bezerra 

3. Scientific Associations
Title: III SELIT – Seminário de Estudos de Literatura 2016
Profa. Dra. Diana Junkes Bueno Martha – coordenadora
Title: II SELIT – Seminário de Estudos de Literatura 2015
Profa. Dra. Diana Junkes Bueno Martha – coordenadora 

2014-2013 Enhancement and Difusion Activities
Didactic Material
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Wilson Alves Bezerra
PPGLit at Festivals and Media Events
Festival Gaveta Livre
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Jorge Valentim, Prof. Dr. Rejane Cristina Rocha and Prof. Dr. Wilson Alves Bezerra (curator)

Television News
Prof. Dr. Wilton Marques has found an unknown poem by Machado de Assis. This finding has caused a great impact in the academic community since it marks a new start point for Machado’s career and it had been broadcast in major national TV channels.