Integration with undergraduation

In relation to integrating with the undergraduation degree, PPGLit has attended its initial objective related to student’s demands for research in literature. Thus, professors have congregating students to their research groups and orientating final course assignments and scientific initiation research, except only doctor professor Tania Pellegrini who retired from undergraduation activities in 2014. Indeed, the total number of undergraduate students of UFSCar engaged in research related to the area of Literary Studies represents more than 25% of the Literature and Language Major. Currently, PPGLit faculty members have finished 110 scientific initiation researches and 112 final course assignments.

Five of the total number of final course assignments among undergraduates advised by the year of 2012 resulted in approved master’s degree projects in the 2013 program admission. In the following years, this number has been increasing, totalizing eight projects approved in 2016 admission. In 2016, 50% of the candidates are from UFSCar, but the program believes it is important to receive students from other education institutions, since the composition of the groups ensures an interesting dynamics and diversity of thoughts that are fruitful to their formation. It is believed that the doctorate course enhances and expands this integration while making the master’s an important link between undergraduate and doctorate degree. In 2023, 46% came from UFSCar and joined the program. The number remains stable, showing not only the continuity of the academic career, but also a plurality of students who share other cultures and backgrounds, enriching the program. 

Therefore, PPGLit over its 4 years of existence has not only attended to a Literary Studies area demand but also it has created a new one. This new demand points to a future growth in the number of candidates in the admission selection and an increase in the number of Program students.